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Clear, reliable phone service is still the best way to communicate and is always there for you in an emergency.  Plus, your Santel phone line is the basis for your cooperative membership and annual capital credits!

A single line is only $22.10 per month!

We’ve got all the helpful calling features, from voice mail to caller ID.  Click for a full list and description.

Save when you buy multiple features!

3-5 calling features Save 50¢ a month
6-9 calling features Save $1 a month
10 or more calling features Save $1.50 a month

Protect your line with Wire Maintenance for only $1.50 a month.  Under this affordable program, we’ll repair any connections and wiring inside your home at no cost to you.

* Additional federal, state and city taxes, surcharges and fees may apply.

Our Long Distance Plans range from pennies-a-minute to unlimited calling for a low monthly fee.

Call to start talking!  605-796-4411 or 777 from your Santel phone.