Santel Simple

• No contracts required.
• UNLIMITED data. No restrictions. Ever.
• A local office and 24/7 phone support OR…we come to you. We make house calls!
• Home network support available

Is Santel Wireless Internet available where you live?

Use the map to see if you are within our wireless internet range in the Mitchell and Huron areas. Not all areas inside the perimeters shown are ideal for wireless, so please contact us so we can determine what works for your location.

Common Uses GOOD
BRONZE $50/mo
SILVER $70/mo
GOLD $95/mo
Basic web browsing & email
Supports 1 or 2 devices
Basic video streaming – YouTube, Facebook, news, videos, Netflix
Supports cloud file storage, backup, sharing providers
Supports up to 5 devices
HD video streaming – movies, entertainment
Supports greater than 5 devices
Best upload, overall throughput & performance
Gaming consoles (XBOX, PS4) – low latency, most responsive for multi-player
FREE: home gateway, router, managed WiFi

You can add Managed Wi-Fi to the Bronze and Silver plans for only $10 more per month.

We can schedule one our knowledgeable technicians to install Santel Wireless at your location. Click here to sign up:

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