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Fast, reliable Internet service connected to home or business.

Our customers have moved from “…would like to have Internet”, to “I NEED a great Internet connection!” Santel can help.

The type and quantity of Internet enabled devices in the average home has skyrocketed. You need a local provider to help connect and support your “Connected Lifestyle”. Santel’s JetNet Internet service is for you.

  • No contracts required
  • No nasty data caps, overages, extra charges
  • Friendly, knowledgeable and local staff
    – 24/7 technical support
  • Home network services and support options available
    – We make house calls!

WHERE is JetNet available?

Use the map to see if you are within our wireless internet range in the Huron area. Not all areas inside the perimeters shown are ideal for wireless, so please contact us so we can determine what works for your location.

WHAT does the service cover?

We provide Internet connectivity to your home. JetNet1 covers all your common home Internet uses.
Superior download and upload performance, supports multiple devices, browsing, email, cloud, social media platforms such as Facebook and Pinterest. Also supports DVD quality video streaming as seen on popular platforms such as Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube. Common performance throughput ranges from 10 to 25Mbps.

Includes responsive & low latency connection support perfect for multi-player gaming consoles.

JetNet1 provides a superior match to your increasing household Internet needs.

Pair outstanding Internet service with the areas’ Best and Friendliest Technical Support and you too will see why our customers love our staff.

In addition, JetNet1 can also be integrated with our whole home managed WiFi solution for an additional $10. Take the worries out of selecting, updating, and supporting the right home WiFi and networking gear for your entire home. Let Santel provide everything your home needs for Internet connectivity. Ask your Santel representative for more information.

What is my COST?

The service requires a minimal credit review, a one-time basic home installation fee and a monthly fee for the JetNet1 Internet service.

JetNet1 is $70/month and one-time fee of $100

Mention this website information and qualifying new accounts receive a $10 installation discount!

HOW do I get JetNet?

Contact a friendly representative at Santel to apply, order, and schedule JetNet installation today. CLICK the sign up button or CALL now – 605-796-1000!

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Other Business options available

  • Higher performance, dedicated Internet access

  • Managed IT solutions

    – LAN and/or WLAN

Ask for a Business Sales Representative for more information