The Santel Team

>>The Santel Team
The Santel Team2019-07-22T17:56:16+00:00

Santel is managed by a committed team of telecom professionals.  Known for fast and friendly service, they always put members first.

Customer Service (l to r):
Aaron Roesler – Technical Support Specialist
Pam Kopfmann – Customer Service Manager
Kregg Krueger – Plant Clerk
Kim Hiemstra – Customer Account Representative
Gloria Vermeulen – Customer Account Representative
Trevor Morgan – Technical Support Specialist
Leah Scofield – Customer Account Represenative
Randy Northrup – Sales & Marketing Manager

Installation and Repair (l to r):
Scott Beekman- Installation/Repair Technician
Ryan Larson – Construction
Kelly Dahl – Senior Wireless Technician
Morrey Overby – Installation/Repair Technician
Mark Wilson – Network Operations Manager
Joe Geppert – Installation/Repair Technician
Jay Ball – Installation/Repair Technician
Tim Klaas – Installation/Repair Technician
Mark Hohn – Installation/Repair Technician

Network and Building Operations (l to r):
Neal Mathis – Senior Network Technician
Carl Kappel – Custodian
Mark Wilson – Network Operations Manager
Mike Bamsey- Data Network Supervisor
Don Brady – Network Technician
Wesley Robertson- Network Technician

Tech Solutions (l to r):
Roger Tienter- Computer Technician
Bryson Boehmer- Computer Technician
Nathan Bulter- Computer Technician
Jordan Thuringer – Project Supervisor
Gloria Vavra – Computer Technician
Pedro Ibarra – Computer Technician
Scott Beukelman – Network Specialist
Colin Mann- Computer Technician
Tanner Thuringer -Computer Technician
Nathan Snyder – Computer Technician


Administration (l to r):
Donna Spier – Accounting Manager
Ryan Thompson – General Manager/CEO
Lori VanDenOever – Accounting Supervisor