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As a cooperative business, Santel is committed to giving back to the membership and the communities we serve.  The telco has a long, rich history of supporting local charities with cash contributions, sponsorships and free or discounted telecom services. Santel maintains a community donation and scholarship program with the express purpose of assisting our service area communities and customers that support our business

Santel is a driver of economic development in the region.  Our fiber-optic network gives businesses, schools, government agencies, healthcare providers and other critical organizations the connectivity they need to operate and thrive here.

Each year Santel awards 10 college scholarships to aspiring teens in the area through the Ray Judy Memorial Scholarship Fund.  Mr. Judy was a founder of the cooperative and served as its first general manager from 1955 – 1985.

Perhaps most importantly, Santel returns a portion of its earnings to the membership through the allocation of capital credits.  These are earned over time by each member, as they purchase service.  In 2016, Santel distributed $800,000 to its members.